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Guadalupe Bass and Rio Grande Cichlids: Unique Texans

So, you want to catch a unique fish? Well then, head to the Texas Hill Country. This beautiful landscape is full of craggy hillsides, and clear fast flowing rivers, and it is home of two unique Texas fish: the Guadalupe Bass and the Rio Grande Cichlid. For anglers looking to catch these beautiful fish, one […]

Guadalupe Smallmouth Hybrid Bass

In the 1970’s, Texas started stocking smallmouth bass (among other species) in Texas rivers and reservoirs.  The state figured that our clear rocky rivers would be a great habitat for this beautiful hard fighting fish….it was!  Smallmouth Bass did very well in many of our rivers and then something unexpected happened…they started interbreeding with our […]

Surf Fishing South Padre Island

There are a tremendous amount of things to look for when fishing the surf…let me say this again to let it sink in…there are a tremendous amount of things to look for when fishing the surf. Sometimes these things such as currents, clarity, and bait movement are easy to find. Other times, an angler can only focus on one or two things to see if he can catch a fish. Here is a quick listing from memory of some things that an angler can focus on when fishing the surf.

Fishing and Exploring the Wilds of Texas


Guides of Texas

Johnny and Marcus - The Guides of Texas

Johnny and Marcus – The Guides of Texas

We believe that fishing and exploring wild waters brings people back into a natural state of being.

  We seek to explore waters using muscle power and our wits to catch fish.  We pride ourselves in offering the very best in guide to client attention.  We feel that fishing trips should be personal challenges and fish caught should be respected.  We believe in using fine gear, that is well designed, beautiful and gets us closer to the fish we love.  We like to sit quietly for a few moments to observe our natural surroundings and see what lessons are presented to us.  We enjoy reflecting on the day over good beer.  We speak of lessons learned and of adventures experienced.  We believe that fishing is a mix of skill, instinct, fate, and luck.  We strive for the days when we are natural and in the moment.  We look to finally stop asking questions and just live the answer….fishing.

The Guides of Texas live to guide anglers through “The Wilds of Texas”. We offer trips down beautiful Texas Hill Country Rivers and on the isolated shores of South Padre Island.

Visit our Guided Trips Page to learn more about our adventures.

Fishing and Exploring the Wilds of Texas

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Guided Fishing Trips in the Great State of Texas!

We are looking for a few more regular clients who would like a guided fishing trip. We are not looking for fishing experts. We are looking for anglers who enjoy the outdoors and are willing to explore the exciting fishing that Texas has to offer.

Fishing and Exploring

the Wilds of Texas

Fishing and Exploring the Wilds of Texas

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The TGOT Fishing Club is for clients looking to book a few trips as well as those who simply love angling and adventure.

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