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I stood on the Caldwell County side of the bridge looking at the construction over the San Marcos River.  It was early and there were no workers present, but I could see no way of sneaking my kick boat or a canoe into the water without a bit of trouble.  I stood on the edge […]

South Texas Diva

On a recent scout fishing trip on the South Padre Island surf I came across this beautiful South Texas Diva working it down the beach runway. She is an amazing work of art. Definitely one of the best pieces I’ve ever seen on South Padre. The artist is unknown but this is not the first […]

It’s the Little Guys Who Make a Difference

Fall has arrived and with it comes shorter days, cooler temperatures, and large amount of bait moving through South Padre Island. Mullet, Menhaden, and Bay Anchovies are moving through our area in massive quantities and absolutely everything is feeding on them. It is a beautiful display of nature at it’s best. For fisherman, this mean […]

Good Ol’ Perch

I saw several bream staged midstream on a seam of slow moving water.  The seam was created when faster flowing water kissed a cypress knee and was forced back to mid-river.  The bream where in the slower water, but they would quickly dart into the faster current to snag a morsel of food as it […]

Alone on the San Marcos River.

  Cottonwood seeds drifted like snowfall in the breeze.  There was a smell of rain in the air and the surrounding woods were quiet.  Even the bugs, that usually buzz in the thick  riparian greenery only chirped here and there.  I sat in the middle of the river in my trusty kick boat and I […]

Fishing and Exploring the Wilds of Texas


Guides of Texas

The Guides of Texas have been guiding anglers through “The Wilds of Texas,” since 1998.

We have seen and learned so much from the landscape we explore and the people that we meet.  Since 1998 our lives, like the rivers we explore have changed dynamically.  We still live to fish, but throughout these many years, we have graduated college, pursued careers, other interests, married our sweethearts, and as far as my life is concerned I am raising three beautiful daughters.

Johnny and I currently live in different parts of the state.  As a result, we have divided our fishing between the Texas Hill Country and the beautiful beaches of South Texas.  I am still exploring 1000 different river miles within the state.  On occasion, Johnny will join me on any trips with multiple people and or multiple days.  Johnny has taken on a new and exciting conventional and fly fishing opportunity located on South Padre Island.  He currently runs and guns the beach between South Padre Island and Port Mansfield.  Like rivers, the surf is full of currents, eddies, and structures that hold fish.  The numbers of different species of fish are more varied in saltwater and there is a fine line between predator and prey.  It is very common to see Jacks swimming in schools, tarpon rolling, and sharks lurking in the cuts.

New Clients

At this moment, we are looking for clients who are just like us…folks who live to fish, but also have families, jobs and other interests.  We are looking for anglers (novice and pros alike) who want to catch fish, but also enjoy the beauty of a sunset, hearing canyon wrens whistle from river side bluffs or seeing red colored white-tailed deer bounding through a maze of sand dunes.

Our goal is not only to introduce people to a few fish, but to also gear this website to be user friendly, informative, and entertaining.  Johnny and I are looking to create stories and memories with our clients.  Whether our clients have a banner day or learn a life lesson, Johnny will burn the stories into digital media, and me with the written word.

So, to all the folks out there who wish to go out and catch a few fish and live an adventure….this is our official invitation to come and join us to “Fish and Explore the Wilds of Texas.”

The Guides of Texas

Fishing and Exploring the Wilds of Texas


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Guided Fishing Trips in the Great State of Texas!

We are looking for a few more regular clients who would like a guided fishing trip. We are not looking for fishing experts. We are looking for anglers who enjoy the outdoors and are willing to explore the exciting fishing that Texas has to offer.


Fishing and Exploring the Wilds of Texas

Fishing and Exploring the Wilds of Texas

Johnny and Marcus

The Guides of Texas